Smile Makeover

Many patients are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and want a “smile makeover”. Often patients want “perfect” bright white teeth, but this type of smile makeover usually looks artifical and unnatural. What we find is that our patients are truly seeking a cosmetic enhancement of their smile that also retains a natural healthy appearance of their gums and teeth.

Dr. Silvaggio completed his advanced training in the restoration of teeth to their natural form, color & function, and the ADA recognizes Prosthodontists as specialists in this field, which includes smile makeovers.

During your visit with Dr. Silvaggio, he’ll be happy to discuss with you all of the cosmetic and restorative options that would work best for your needs. He is a specialist trained in using dental veneers, bonding, tooth bleaching, crown/caps and implants. You can be confident that he will give you the smile you desire. In fact, quite often just by getting your teeth fixed, you can take years off your appearance giving you a scalpel-less makeover you desire.