Restorative Dentistry

Fixed Bridge– Traditional methods to replace a missing tooth or teeth include the fabrication of a bridge. To replace a missing tooth with a bridge, at least one tooth on either side of the space created by the missing tooth must be prepared for a crown. A false tooth is then joined to the crowns and the entire structure is cemented to the prepared teeth. The patient does not remove the bridge and special aids are available to keep it clean.

Partial or Complete Dentures– When there are multiple missing teeth, weak anchor teeth or no posterior teeth to anchor on, a removable partial denture is used to replace teeth. These restorations typically are made of a metal framework and a plastic base with teeth. They must be removed for daily cleaning and during the night.

When a patient no longer has any natural teeth, complete dentures are the traditional method to restore function and appearance. Many patients experience difficulty wearing conventional dentures due to poor stability and decreased chewing function. As few as two implants in the jaw can stabilize a lower or upper denture, so you can eat what you like and express yourself with confidence. Dr. Silvaggio can place your implants and personally create your partial or full dentures in his on-site lab.

Dental Implants– The following is a brief summary of the implant dentistry we offer. Please visit our implant section to learn more.

If your dealing with one or more missing teeth or an ill-fitting denture or partial, know that dental implants can vastly improve the quality of your smile. Dental implants are small prosthetic posts that are placed in the bone of the upper or lower jaw. They act as replacements for the root portion of the tooth and serve as an anchor for the replacement teeth. Dental implants are appropriate for almost anyone who is missing a tooth or teeth or is at risk of losing a tooth or teeth. The benefits include improved aesthetics, a clean, healthy oral environment and the ability to comfortably eat the foods you love.

Teeth in-an-Hour™– The following is a brief summary. Please visit our Teeth-in-an-Hour section to learn more.

Dr. Silvaggio is skilled and experienced with most types of dental implants, including Teeth-in-an-Hour™ from the world leaders in innovative dental solutions, Nobel Biocare™. With extensive pre-planning, precise CT-imaging, and replacement teeth made before the procedure, there is no waiting to get your new teeth placed. If Teeth-in-an-Hour™ is the right solution for you, you’ll leave on the day of your surgery with your new teeth.

Mini-Implants– Mini-dental implants can be used to stabilize an existing upper or lower denture. They are smaller than conventional implants and are placed with a minimally-invasive surgery that requires a shorter healing period. Your existing denture is converted to an implant-supported denture making them a more affordable alternative to conventional implants. The mini-implants are placed and your existing denture is converted all in one visit.

In addition to implants, crowns, bridges and dentures, Dr. Silvaggio can treat different, diverse dental conditions such as:

Post-Oral Cancer reconstruction and continuing care.
Children suffering from Ectodermal Dysplasias Syndrome. Visit the Ectodermal Dysplasias website for more information.
Children born with missing teeth.
TMJ-Jaw joint problems.
Traumatic injury cases.
Sleep apnea and snoring.
Complex care management involving multiple specialists.

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