Comprehensive Exams

VELscope Vx®, Oral Cancer Screening Identification Exam: One person dies every hour from oral cancer in the United States – and the mortality has remained unchanged for more than 40 years. Late detection of oral cancer is the primary cause that both the incidence and mortality rates of oral cancer continue to increase. Clinical studies have determined that using VELscope Vx® improves the ability to identify and evaluate suspicious areas at their earliest stages. Please visit our Technology section to learn more about VELscope Vx®.

Intra-Oral Camera: We have the ability to use our intra-oral camera to photograph existing dental needs and offer you a progression of photographs as your dental work progresses. An intra-oral camera is used in conjunction with our computer monitors located in every operatory. We can take a picture of the outside of your tooth and show you any problems you may have with your tooth or teeth, even if you are not currently feeling any pain. We can treat early warning signs of problem teeth before they become complex. In addition, it allows us to provide our patients with all of the necessary information they need to make informed decisions regarding their treatment plans. We don’t just tell our patients what they need done, we also show them why they need it done.

Digital Radiography (Digital X-rays): Digital X-rays have been in use for seven years and allows us to see inside your tooth. We can take an X-ray that appears on a computer screen next to your dental chair. we can then enlarge or colorize the tooth to enhance problem areas. This newer system is only used in about 5% of dental offices. Our patients benefit from these X-rays because the emit up to 90% less radiation, therefore they are safer than traditional X-rays. In addition, they are quicker to process so you don’t have to wait as long to get your results. We can take six images of teeth for the same amount of radiation exposure as it takes to process one piece of conventional film.

Dental Hygiene: Our hygienist Roxann Koser is available to provide hygiene services for patients who do not have a general dentist.